A downloadable game for Windows


For over 5 years, nothing too spectacular has happened in your life, considering you work in a storage warehouse. That all changes, when one day, you spot a DVD disk next to one of the boxes. You take the disk home, and watch it on your computer. Something more sinister is going on though...


Use the flashlight's bright light to scare "him" off, and discover the mysterious backstory to the events...


  •  Mouse - Look Around 
  • SPACE - Brighten Light  
  •  TAB - Charge Battery 
  • Click - Item Interact 

If you see him, hold space for 10 seconds...


  • Windows XP or higher
  • Monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024x768**
  • DirectX 9 or higher

(This game is canceled)


DVD (demo).exe 52 MB


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hi, big big thanks for this great demo. i like the atmoshere and the retro-disturbing style :) greetings from germany

Pretty neat, I liked the retro feel!